August 31, 2016 - We’ve Got Even More Great Cloud Stories to Share

More Great Cloud Stories to Share with YouSince our last blog, we’ve helped many more clients get on the cloud. The momentum for Oracle hosting on the AWS cloud is building and we’re excited to be on the leading edge of this IT revolution. Here are some more stories of businesses that have moved mission critical applications to the cloud.

American Diving Supply (ADS)

ADS wanted to transition their aging, on-premises data center to a robust, reliable, cloud environment that would handle disaster recovery. With rapid company growth making it nearly impossible for IT to keep up, and the current data center at full capacity, they contacted Apps Associates and we:

• Assessed their Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) environment and made improvements to meet industry best practices for security
• Re-architected Oracle EBS
• Designed the required AWS infrastructure

The production migration occurred during the weekend and the system outage was less than 20 hours. After migration, performance was better than when the application was running in their own data center. In addition to reliability, they now have a low cost environment that is secure and scalable.

Insmed, Inc.

Insmed had a new implementation of Oracle EBS and they were trying to decide whether to purchase new hardware for the implementation or host the Oracle EBS instance at a co-location facility. Apps Associates worked closely with Insmed to help them realize the full benefits of hosting in the AWS cloud. The three key benefits for the client were:

• Platform flexibility (scalability, rapid launch, archive, and relaunch of entire environments)
• Reduced future investment in on-premises data center
• Pay only for what you use

Patheon, Inc.

Patheon was initiating a new enterprise wide Hyperion Planning project with a very short startup and deployment timeline.  They were looking to leverage the AWS infrastructure-as-a-service because of the flexibility, cost and speed at which it could deployed.

After working through a joint project plan with the client and their Hyperion implementation partner, Apps Associates:

• Built the Virtual Private Cloud, network and security infrastructure
• Installed the Hyperion software for the Development environment
• Integrated the environment with MS Active Directory

The client is delighted by the speed, agility, and cost savings and Apps Associates will provide Cloud and Hyperion Managed Services for the AWS environment.


Quantcast ran its Oracle EBS and Hyperion applications with the help of a third party hosting provider and wanted to migrate to the AWS Cloud. Apps Associates worked closely with AWS to showcase the benefits of cloud migration and it was our proven Oracle Application migration approach that gave Quantcast the confidence to migrate to the AWS cloud. Quantcast has now migrated Oracle EBS and Hyperion to the cloud and continues to expand its AWS footprint.

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