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February 19, 2019 - Why the Private Cloud Is Like Having Your Own Personal Yacht

Peter Salamanca

What organizations would put servers in a Private Cloud? There are many companies who have chosen or are considering putting their environments in the Private Cloud. The move to giants like Amazon Web Services (AWS) is inevitable for all companies as the value of utility cloud computing is proven. While the breadth of services that the Public Cloud platforms currently offer far outweigh what can be offered in a Private Cloud, there are benefits to the Private Cloud that you should consider. Many companies have legacy applications on-premises and they aren’t ready to lose physical touch with them. (We affectionately call these people server huggers.) On the other hand, the company may have risk, compliance, and governance requirements that drive toward the Private Cloud. These folks want (or need) their applications to run in a more controlled and segregated environment. This is where the Private Cloud comes into play.

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