Audrey ElequinAuthor

October 22, 2020 - Thinking of Saying Yes to Oracle on AWS? Find out more about customers who did.

Audrey Elequin


Now, more than ever, businesses are looking at how they can move to the Cloud to benefit their bottom line, improve operational effectiveness and ensure continuity. Timelines have accelerated as organizations are realizing that they need the flexibility and scalability of Cloud technology. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic helped to underscore, abruptly in some cases, these advantages as well as to highlight the limitations of traditional IT infrastructure. Check out a sampling of our customers, across diverse industry sectors, that have recently leveraged AWS cloud to successfully transform their legacy Oracle footprint of applications, databases and technology.

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Dustin BrinesAuthor

December 26, 2018 - #OracleOnAWS – Customers Say Yes!

Dustin Brines

As we all know, leading organizations need IT to be a business enabler, focused more on core business goals and less on maintaining infrastructure. Unfortunately, industry analysts continue to report that IT organizations spend more than 70% of their time making sure their applications are keeping pace. As a result, customers and prospects are exploring moving their legacy Oracle applications, databases, and technology to the cloud. The goals are simple: reduce costs, increase efficiencies and eliminate long- term contracts.

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