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April 22, 2019 - Should You Move Your Enterprise Data Warehouse to the Cloud?

Myles Gilsenan

In many companies, the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) plays a central role in information analysis and decision making. For companies that have them, EDW’s often represent a significant investment in terms of time, cost and resources. They are often used by multiple business units and departments either natively or as a source of data for local data marts. Re-platforming or replacing them can be a significant effort with a large impact on the organization as a whole. Most data warehouses that have been developed prior to the last several years were developed as on-premise or hosted solutions. So, it is natural for there to be some hesitancy when considering a move to the cloud. That said, over the past couple of years, cloud data warehouses now come with some compelling benefits that make it worthwhile to consider the option. First, let’s review some of the benefits of cloud data warehouses, then we will discuss some considerations for deciding whether moving the EDW to the cloud is the right decision for your organization. 

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