Vinodh GudivadaAuthor

July 14, 2020 - Cloud Transformation Journey – Is Your Organization Data Driven Yet? If Not, Hakuna Matata

Vinodh Gudivada

Congratulations on your Cloud transformation journey by adopting a platform for all your business transactions using Oracle Fusion Applications (Cloud ERP/SCM/HCM). As your users learn the nuances and behavior of the applications by entering data, verifying the data with many of the seeded and business focused custom reports, their trust on the system gradually grows. Their productivity too would show an improving trend as the manual errors come down with a systematic way of capturing your transactions and reconciling the data to close the books without too much of huffing and puffing.

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Myles GilsenanAuthor

January 3, 2019 - 4 ‘Must Ask’ Questions for a Modern BI and Analytics Strategy

Myles Gilsenan

As you are probably aware, the world of data, business intelligence (BI) and analytics has been changing rapidly over the past several years and that trend is expected to continue.  It is therefore necessary to look differently and ask some new and different questions when defining a BI and analytics strategy and architecture. In this article, I will outline 4 questions that must be asked when defining a modern BI and analytics strategy. I will not address some ‘old school’ but vitally important topics like, defining your audience, aligning BI objectives to corporate and business unit goals, and understanding the key metrics that drive your business. Those are still necessary and it is assumed that they will be completed. Instead, I will focus on the non-traditional questions that need to be asked. As recently as 2 years ago, these questions might have been optional. But those days are gone. Although I have some strong opinions on the answers, I will only be providing things to consider – not answers.

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Noreen ChaseAuthor

April 12, 2018 - Apps Associates at Collaborate 18 Speaker Blog Series: Meet Kai Glittenberg!

Noreen Chase

I hope you are enjoying our blog post speaker series for Collaborate 18. Let me introduce you to our next featured speaker, Kai Glittenberg.

glittenbergKai is based in our offices in Dortmund, Germany.  He undertook his studies in computer science at the University of Dortmund and it was during this period he began working at Apps Associates at the end of 2008.  His knowledge of Oracle technologies deepened when he started to work at Apps Associates. So, he has been with us for nearly 10 years and we are pleased he continues his career with us. He currently works as a Senior DBA Consultant with a focus in the DBA apps area but he now finds his focus is increasingly switching to Cloud Infrastructure Services. Continue reading “Apps Associates at Collaborate 18 Speaker Blog Series: Meet Kai Glittenberg!”

Kshitij KumarAuthor

August 5, 2014 - Top 3 Challenges Affecting BI Success

Kshitij Kumar

3-Challenge-Affecting-BI-SuccessA recent report by Gartner stated that between 70% and 80% of all corporate Business Intelligence (BI) projects fail. So, how can you ensure that your project isn’t one of them? The main reason for such a low success rate is that most businesses fail to ask the right questions, and look at BI as just another IT project that needs a specific package solution. IT departments must not think of BI as one-time solution, but as a constantly evolving one that differs from stand-alone solutions. This post outlines the major challenges that affect the success of BI projects: Continue reading “Top 3 Challenges Affecting BI Success”