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Bill SaltysAuthor

January 8, 2019 - 2019 Prediction: Organizations Accelerate Move of Legacy Oracle Applications to Cloud

Bill Saltys

Reasons Why and What’s Holding Others Back

With each new year, it’s fun to watch the predictions for the coming year as it appears that every publication and tech analyst firm, large and small, seem to bring out the crystal ball and gaze into the future. So, I thought that I’d try getting into the act with making a bold prediction that more and more organizations will move their legacy Oracle Applications off-premise to cloud (IaaS public, private). Perhaps, after digging a bit deeper, the prediction will not be viewed as bold as it might first appear.

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Myles GilsenanAuthor

January 3, 2019 - 4 ‘Must Ask’ Questions for a Modern BI and Analytics Strategy

Myles Gilsenan

As you are probably aware, the world of data, business intelligence (BI) and analytics has been changing rapidly over the past several years and that trend is expected to continue.  It is therefore necessary to look differently and ask some new and different questions when defining a BI and analytics strategy and architecture. In this article, I will outline 4 questions that must be asked when defining a modern BI and analytics strategy. I will not address some ‘old school’ but vitally important topics like, defining your audience, aligning BI objectives to corporate and business unit goals, and understanding the key metrics that drive your business. Those are still necessary and it is assumed that they will be completed. Instead, I will focus on the non-traditional questions that need to be asked. As recently as 2 years ago, these questions might have been optional. But those days are gone. Although I have some strong opinions on the answers, I will only be providing things to consider – not answers.

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Dustin BrinesAuthor

December 26, 2018 - #OracleOnAWS – Customers Say Yes!

Dustin Brines

As we all know, leading organizations need IT to be a business enabler, focused more on core business goals and less on maintaining infrastructure. Unfortunately, industry analysts continue to report that IT organizations spend more than 70% of their time making sure their applications are keeping pace. As a result, customers and prospects are exploring moving their legacy Oracle applications, databases, and technology to the cloud. The goals are simple: reduce costs, increase efficiencies and eliminate long- term contracts.

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Peter SalamancaAuthor

December 17, 2018 - How to Choose the Right Cloud Provider

Peter Salamanca

Gartner published its Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as Service, Worldwide earlier this year. What stood out for me in this recent MQ was one of the cautions provided for Amazon Web Services, which ranked the highest (amongst the other vendors evaluated) for completeness of vision and the ability to execute. I have quoted the caution below because it offers some practical advice that I would like to address.

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Christian MuellerAuthor

December 11, 2018 - DOAG Conference and Exhibition 2018 – A Huge Success!

Christian Mueller

Apps Associates GmbH was part of this year’s DOAG Conference and Exhibition in Nuremberg from November 20th to November 23rd. With a team of eleven Associates, we enjoyed three days at the conference. Especially exciting was having Wilfrido Solano, Director, Cloud Services, from the U.S. Associates’s Team attend as a guest for us at the conference.

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Bill SaltysAuthor

November 28, 2018 - Are Your Legacy Oracle Applications Headed to Retirement (Soon)?

Bill Saltys

Experts Say ‘No’. So, What Does It Mean for You?

There is an incredible, almost insatiable, appetite for cloud in all forms. It’s nearly impossible to escape the ongoing onslaught of articles, digital media, social posts, analyst forecasts and earnings reports covering the continuing acceleration to cloud. Public, private and hybrid cloud…everything cloud computing!

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