March 26, 2015 - [Video] Oracle BICS for HR Departments – Hire-to-Retire Process

HR organizations are finding it hard to keep pace with business demands and the need to improve the efficiency of HR processes is increasing. Oracle BICS is a powerful tool that can help you manage the complete Hire-to-Retire process.

The following diagram shows the Hire-to-Retire processes in a typical organization:


The sooner you can analyze your data, the sooner you can identify and fix the bottlenecks in your processes and the sooner you’ll benefit. For each of the Hire to Retire processes, we have created pre-built reports that you can use with your own data. The following diagram shows a few sample reports:



We provide reports that show you how the requisition process is progressing, and the top five hiring sources that help you most when you’re recruiting new employees.

Manage Workforce

We provide reports that show you how diversified your organization is, the ethnicity of your employees, or the return on human capital. You can import data from your finance department and see the cost per employee and the revenue they are generating.

Workforce Development

We’ve created reports showing employee performance or overall training results.

Compensation & Benefits

Another report we provide will show you salary trends, individual salaries, and average market salaries.

Retire Workforce

You can track at risk employees and identify the top reasons for voluntary terminations so you can take action to retain key people.

Oracle BICS not only allows you to gather data from several back office systems but it also allows you to create a central reporting platform across your organization. You no longer have to fetch data from various places, clean it, merge it and then build a report on it. All this can be done behind the scenes while you can spend your time analyzing the data.

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