March 24, 2015 - [Video] How Your Organization Can Benefit From Oracle BI Cloud Services

Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS) provides powerful business intelligence (BI) and analytics in the cloud. This blog post will give you an overview of the Oracle BICS platform including its features, and benefits.

Oracle BICS is a cloud platform hosted in Oracle data centers, operated and managed by Oracle. The Oracle BICS platform is built on proven BI technology that serves over a million on-premises customers today. The Oracle cloud platform enables you to:

  • Quickly try out the features of the BICS service
  • Learn and understand the BICS service through self-service training and documentation
  • Find BICS help and support online
  • Access the service via a web browser or a mobile device such as a phone or a tablet

With BICS, Oracle provides an underlying database service so you don’t have to purchase and implement a separate database of your own. Oracle offers useful tools that are unique to BICS that simplify administration, database integration, and data modeling.

Oracle BICS includes features such as:

  • A rich gallery of charts and graphs, with advanced graphics and visualizations
  • The ability to start with an overview dashboard and drill down to the underlying detail
  • A fully featured query generator and a calculation engine
  • Comprehensive data filtering and data aggregation
  • Hierarchical, time-series, and statistical functions


Oracle BICS is all about low cost, low capital expenditure, self-service BI, with a quick time-to-value. 

Behind the scenes, BICS gives you two environments – a pre-production environment where content can be developed and tested, and a production environment where users can consume the content. These are totally independent with separate databases and a separate BI service.

Oracle BICS allows customers to focus on the important tasks of building a BI application and distributing actionable information to users. It greatly simplifies mundane tasks like loading data, organizing and securing data, and creating and sharing dashboards.

Mobile Support 

Oracle BICS is also available on mobile devices through a downloadable, mobile application which is supported on both iOS and Android devices. Customers with the mobile application can take advantage of native touch gestures like swiping and zooming. They can also take content offline onto their mobile device if they have the security rights.

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