September 18, 2014 - How Midsize Businesses Can Benefit from Cloud Computing

How_Midsize_Businesses_Can_Benefit_from_Cloud_Computing Many midsize businesses have considered the cloud for their IT systems as it has revolutionized business processes by reducing costs, increasing agility and improving scalability resulting in increased IT efficiency. In order to face challenges successfully and remain competitive in today’s global environment, organizations have to stay agile and focused. The following are some of the advantages of using the cloud:

Reduced Capital Expenditure

Cloud computing allows midsize businesses to access the resources they need without any upfront capital expenditure or licensing costs. This enables them to maximize the value of their IT investments, with reduced overheads and less complexities.

Reduced Operating Costs

Organizations can reduce expenditure on expensive on-premise hardware and save on operational expenses such as server maintenance, software licensing, and software updates. As cloud computing allows organizations to outsource their IT functions, organizations can also redeploy their IT staff to work on projects that boost business efficiency while remaining nimble and flexible.

Increased Agility

Cloud computing is not just about reducing costs. Organizations that adopted cloud computing can respond to changing market conditions quickly and gain competitive advantage over their competitors. This agility is one of the major benefits of cloud computing.

Improved Scalability

Cloud computing increases IT scalability and flexibility by enabling your company to react faster to the needs of your business while driving greater operational efficiencies. Cloud computing also allows your business to easily scale up or down based on your IT requirements, as and when needed.

Security Benefits

Midsize businesses with low budgets that have limited resources and expertise in security technology struggle to implement effective security systems. They can benefit from the cloud as the cloud provider delivers the latest hardware and software needed to maintain the best available IT security. An additional advantage of the cloud is the ability to meet latest compliance requirements with minimal effort, resulting in huge cost savings.

Greater Mobility

Using the cloud gives employees virtually unlimited access to information on a variety of devices. This allows them to benefit from greater mobility and improved collaboration as they can access company information and applications anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


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