Sandra GormanAuthor

December 16, 2020 - 8 Radical Best Practices to Get to Go-live

Sandra Gorman

If you’ve ever participated in a project to implement an enterprise-wide cloud-based technological solution, you’ve experienced the highs and lows of that effort; the fast-paced, far-reaching, all-encompassing work that requires all-hands on deck every day for months and months. Business as usual is turned on its head and everything is up for consideration.

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Audrey ElequinAuthor

October 22, 2020 - Thinking of Saying Yes to Oracle on AWS? Find out more about customers who did.

Audrey Elequin


Now, more than ever, businesses are looking at how they can move to the Cloud to benefit their bottom line, improve operational effectiveness and ensure continuity. Timelines have accelerated as organizations are realizing that they need the flexibility and scalability of Cloud technology. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic helped to underscore, abruptly in some cases, these advantages as well as to highlight the limitations of traditional IT infrastructure. Check out a sampling of our customers, across diverse industry sectors, that have recently leveraged AWS cloud to successfully transform their legacy Oracle footprint of applications, databases and technology.

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Bill SaltysAuthor

August 13, 2019 - Why Now is the Time to Migrate Legacy Oracle Workloads to AWS

Bill Saltys

Major shifts have been happening in the world of IT. Cloud is becoming the de facto standard as market adoption hurdles to a majority position. With that, the time has come to embrace cloud solutions so you can focus on accelerating the growth of your business – not on operational management and maintenance such as unforeseen system issues and unplanned downtime. In fact, most senior management professionals are already on board with the need to migrate to the cloud, with 86 percent of IT decision makers (ITDMs) saying they have mandated adopting a cloud migration strategy. But what’s holding some businesses back?

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Todd LedetAuthor

August 7, 2019 - 10 Reasons Why to Move to the Cloud

Todd Ledet

If you missed our 10 Reasons why to move to the cloud webinar, no worries, I’m here to fill you in. As an Oracle Platinum partner we’ve implemented over 115 Oracle solutions and growing. One example I would like to share is when we worked with a client who had managed their own environment, but turned to us to help with implementing their Finance, SCM, HCM, EPM and Technical software. Their IT team didn’t have the bandwidth to manage all of the IT implementation so they turned to Apps Associates for their expertise to ensure they met deadlines and stayed on track. With Apps Associates on board an agile methodology was implemented to keep the project moving forward smoothly. Apps Associates engages with the customer resources to provide support, guidance, management and troubleshooting. Being open and realistic about strengths and weaknesses sets the framework for quick problem resolution and contributes to the success of these projects.

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Carla RoddyAuthor

June 5, 2019 - A Deep Dive with Dan Woods of Early Adopter Research:

Carla Roddy

Apps Associates’ Oracle to the Cloud Data and Advice on the Best Way to Migrate

Recently, our very own Paul Vian, SVP of Sales and Marketing, and Bill Saltys, SVP of Alliances, sat down with Dan Woods of Early Adopter Research (EAR) to discuss the findings from our Oracle to the Cloud report, which surveyed 300+ IT decision makers (ITDMs). The conversation captured in the “Cloud Migration Made Easier” podcast focuses on educating Oracle users around how to manage and navigate their choices when moving legacy applications to the cloud.

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Arun KumarAuthor

May 7, 2019 - How to Eliminate Process Gaps with Oracle SaaS and Oracle PaaS

Arun Kumar

Cloud service is becoming the service businesses choose the most and Oracle isn’t different. Oracle Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is growing its base day by day with customers moving from traditional ERP to the cloud.

With Oracle’s growing cloud footprint, there is also a need for automated 3rd party integrations with Oracle SaaS to help minimize user dependencies and eliminate any potential process gaps. At Apps Associates, we try to identify these gaps, educate the user community, and help resolve these gaps with potential Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions.

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