Srinivas PothireddyAuthor

January 23, 2020 - Analytics – The path forward

Srinivas Pothireddy

Every organization has a need to report and analyze data for their operations and growth. The extent of investment depends upon the size and maturity that the organization has in providing every employee with information that can be used to make decisions.

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Myles GilsenanAuthor

February 28, 2019 - Using Machine Learning in Oracle Analytics Cloud to Predict HR Attrition

Myles Gilsenan

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have become popular mainstream topics. You no doubt have read about them or seen programs about them. Typically, they are presented as very complex topics that require specialized computer processing and large teams of highly experienced data scientists. This was true for many years but it is beginning to change and Oracle is at the forefront of this change. Oracle has built machine learning capabilities directly into its Cloud BI platform, Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), thereby making functionality like ML and predictive analytics available to regular business analysts (BAs). BAs who are willing to explore this new functionality will find a broad array of ML capabilities that don’t require an extensive background in ML or data science. They will be able to interact with and analyze data in ways they previously have not done and they will be able to add a whole new level of analytical value to their organization – enabling the data-driven decision making so many organizations are pursuing. This functionality is part of the Data Visualization component of OAC and is natively available without any special licensing. In this post, I will show you how to use the machine learning capabilities in Oracle Analytics Cloud to predict HR attrition. It is easy to use and requires no writing of computer code but here are some quick points to know before we begin:

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Myles GilsenanAuthor

January 3, 2019 - 4 ‘Must Ask’ Questions for a Modern BI and Analytics Strategy

Myles Gilsenan

As you are probably aware, the world of data, business intelligence (BI) and analytics has been changing rapidly over the past several years and that trend is expected to continue.  It is therefore necessary to look differently and ask some new and different questions when defining a BI and analytics strategy and architecture. In this article, I will outline 4 questions that must be asked when defining a modern BI and analytics strategy. I will not address some ‘old school’ but vitally important topics like, defining your audience, aligning BI objectives to corporate and business unit goals, and understanding the key metrics that drive your business. Those are still necessary and it is assumed that they will be completed. Instead, I will focus on the non-traditional questions that need to be asked. As recently as 2 years ago, these questions might have been optional. But those days are gone. Although I have some strong opinions on the answers, I will only be providing things to consider – not answers.

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Noreen ChaseAuthor

April 17, 2018 - Apps Associates at Collaborate 18 Speaker Blog Series: Meet Vinay Kumar Donkena!

Noreen Chase

Our blog post speaker series for Collaborate 18 continues with our latest featured speaker, Vinay Kumar Donkena.

vinay kumarVinay decided to pursue a career in software development due to his interest in the field. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Bachelor of Technology (Information Technology) at the SreeNidhi Institute of Sciences and Technology in India. He started working with Apps Associates in 2008 as a staff consultant in India and now works in the United States as Principal Senior Consultant. We are thrilled to have him on our team. When he is not busy at work, Vinay relaxes by playing games and watching movies. He plays cricket in the summer and loves to travel and visit places. Continue reading “Apps Associates at Collaborate 18 Speaker Blog Series: Meet Vinay Kumar Donkena!”

Myles GilsenanAuthor

July 6, 2017 - 5 Scenarios to Roadmap Your BI and Analytics to the Cloud

Myles Gilsenan

When it comes to moving BI and analytics to the cloud, there are many paths to reach the same goal. So, if you want the power of BI and analytics in the cloud, but think your environment is too complex, take a look as these scenarios. Continue reading “5 Scenarios to Roadmap Your BI and Analytics to the Cloud”

Fran DalyAuthor

August 26, 2015 - New Tools to Improve the Way We Manage Clinical Trial Expenses

Fran Daly

Clinical Trian ExpensesClinical trials are often the single largest expense for early stage Life Science companies. If your company is not managing these expenses to the best of its ability, there’s a risk of running out of funding for existing trials or not being able to fund important new trials. While companies often think they are being economical by using Excel spreadsheets and keeping a hoard of accountants busy till midnight, this approach is often less efficient than investing in the right set of tools to plan, capture and track Clinical Trial Expenses. In fact, with today’s availability of cloud-based solutions, it is really no longer a large up-front investment as much as it is a monthly subscription cost. Continue reading “New Tools to Improve the Way We Manage Clinical Trial Expenses”