October 4, 2016 - Apps Associates Profile Series: Meet Sai Raj!

Sai RajI’m always impressed by the talent I meet at Apps Associates, which makes writing these blogs so enjoyable. They are among the most passionate, dedicated, and humble people I’ve met. So, let me introduce to you the next person in this Apps Associates’ blog series. Say “Hello” to Sai Raj Kothamasu. (But we call him Sai Raj.)

Sai works at Apps Associates as a Senior Salesforce Solution Architect. Growing up, he always had a passion for computers and an enthusiasm for staying informed with the latest technology trends. He took that passion and enthusiasm to earn his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering and his MBA in IT & Operations in India. He then packed his bags and worked at client locations across the planet in over 13 countries. His globetrotting career brought him to the U.S. where he worked for an impressive number of Fortune 100 companies before his path led him to Apps Associates, where we are very happy to have him working with our clients.

Working at Apps Associates, Sai finds people as passionate as himself who love taking on and solving challenges and achieving success. He describes Apps Associates as being like a family where everyone is helpful and there are no boundaries when it comes to freedom of work and ideas. Everyone is always ready to work and step up to the plate whenever it is needed for client success. He stated that Salesforce Director Jon Collins, Practice Manager Drew McGinniss, and Senior Principal Consultant Eve Nunez are the best people with whom he has worked in his career.

“There is no reason to lose a company and family like this, people who are always ready to take care of both professional and personal growth,” said Sai. “On the whole Apps ROCKS!”

Sai always tries to keep his skills updated and he currently holds around 16 certifications with Salesforce, MuleSoft, Steel Brick, and project and process oriented methodologies. He is currently pursuing additional certifications for SteelBrick CPQ, MuleSoft, and Amazon Web Services. Not a bad set of skills to have.

He is also a self-described movie freak and spends much of his free time watching movies. Not only that, but he is (get ready), an international level classical dancer in Kuchupudi Dance (with over 650 performances given around the planet), a magician, a classical western dancer, and he loves acting and has appeared in 3 short films with some more in the works. He is also a social worker and he wishes to share his expertise with as many people as he can to help the needy. He loves to interact with people to learn interesting information about them and this passion to connect with people translates into his work. One of his favorite success mantras is “Winners don’t do different things … they do things differently.” Feel free to connect with Sai on LinkedIn.


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