December 18, 2017 - Apps Associates Launches 3 Oracle Jump Start Demo Labs for Oracle ERP in the Cloud

oracle erp in the cloudWhen you have the opportunity to test drive and evaluate applications in the cloud, you can see the benefits for yourself. That is why I am excited to let you know about our three new Oracle Jump Start Demo Labs that will enable you to try Oracle ERP in the Cloud.  Within minutes, you can try pre-configured solutions that run on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, for free.

Oracle has made these test environments available based on the enterprise ready Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Apps Associates has been enabling companies to run Oracle ERP apps in a hosted data center or on the Cloud for years.

Our Demo Lab cloud environments provide the following applications:

Many of our clients begin their journey to the cloud with small steps like putting test/dev or backup in the cloud. These demo labs let you try mission critical applications in a safe environment without any setup or payment required. When our customers see the benefits of cloud start rolling in, it is exciting to see their enthusiasm as they to want to further expand their cloud footprint to include other applications. I’m sure you’ll feel the same way once you give these Oracle Jump Start cloud demos a try.

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