August 26, 2014 - 4 Steps to Application Deployment in the Cloud

IT is a business enabler, and cloud computing has become an increasingly significant solution for IT as it helps the organization meet its core business goals. This is due to the cloud’s elasticity, scalability and virtually instant availability. In a series of five blog posts, I’ll describe the four vital steps for a successful migration of application workloads to the cloud.

4 Steps to Application Deployment in the Cloud

IT organizations should prepare an application migration roadmap built on these key steps:

1. Classify applications
2. Assess application requirements
3. Identify target applications and platforms
4. Migrate applications to the cloud
a. Migrate your non-mission-critical applications
b. Migrate your mission critical applications or applications of record (e.g. financial back-end)

Step 4b must be planned carefully to ensure IT can address factors such as performance, scalability and security.

Cloud Migration Roadmap                                        Cloud Migration Roadmap

Whether your destination is a public, private or hybrid cloud model, these four steps will help you optimize performance while minimizing cost and user disruption. I’ll provide much more detail in the next four blogs but in the meantime you can read more for yourself in our cloud migration white paper.


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