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Ritesh MishraAuthor

October 14, 2020 - Snowflake: The Modern Cloud Data Platform

Ritesh Mishra

Conventional Data Platforms and Big Data Solutions

Having good working experience as an Oracle Datawarehouse professional, I have seen the many challenges that regular customers face with traditional Datawarehouse solutions like degraded query performance, scaling CPU or memory, spinning off another instance, etc. For many of these activities, you might have to involve a DBA and/or Infrastructure team and would also require downtime of your Datawarehouse as well as the activity being planned over the weekend(s). Along with this, many of these solutions do not support semi-structured data, which led the industry to move towards Big Data solutions, having their own set of overhead and need of skilled people. With most of the customers adopting Cloud solutions, there is a push for a fresh approach towards futuristic Cloud based Datawarehouse solutions that include several critical features, like scaling, ease of administration, low TCO, better performance, etc.

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October 8, 2020 - Data Preparation with Oracle OAC Machine Learning


Introduction: Financial institutions want to predict customers that are likely to open Term deposits after a marketing campaign which in turn will help the marketing team with contacting the desired customers.

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Rajib MandalAuthor

August 4, 2020 - REST API to perform complex long run job – Example with MuleSoft

Rajib Mandal

In recent days most of customers want to implement their solutions using API to work independently within different systems. API Led Architecture is one of the important system solution architecture adopted in the latest software implementations. We are talking about the REST APIs and the context is to process complex or data intensive operations (e.g., big data processing, back-up/batch jobs) might require a long time. As examples we can consider the following scenarios:

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