Christian MuellerAuthor

November 15, 2018 - Apps Associates at DOAG Conference + Exhibition, Europe’s largest Oracle User Conference

Christian Mueller

Apps Associates GmbH, based in Germany, provides services that help customers implement, adopt and manage Oracle Applications, Oracle Applications hosted on public cloud (Amazon Web Services), Salesforce, Analytics and Integration solutions.

DOAG ConferenceOnce a year the “Deutsche Oracle-Anwendergruppe e.V.” (German Oracle User-group) organizes its Conference + Exhibition in Nuremberg. The independent organization hosts a 3-day event, filled with interesting lectures, product presentations, keynotes, tips and tricks, demos and project reports. The event is also a great opportunity to make new contacts and to expand networks. DOAG’s event is Europe’s largest user conference for Oracle-based products with thousands of attendees each year.

We are joining the DOAG conference together with the “SCOPE alliance” (Specialized Connected Oracle Partner Experts). The SCOPE alliance is an association of four German companies, each being specialized in different areas of the Oracle stack. SCOPE delivers a fast and easy support model, built upon a trusted network of Oracle partners.

Apps Associates will present a series of seven white papers at this event from our German team. The topics of these white papers will cover integration challenges and performance optimization of Oracle Cloud Applications.

To further enjoy the event, we are excited to host the annual, well-known party in cooperation with our SCOPE alliance partners. Our VIP-guests will be invited to a club in Nuremberg. Amongst meeting our clients, we expect this night to become a chance of winning motivated employees to join the “Apps Associates Family”­­ by fun recruiting actions.

We are excited to welcome and join all of the DOAG conference attendees on November 20th, when the annual event starts. Hope to see you there!

Keep updated on our journey in Germany at the DOAG event by following us on  Facebook and Twitter! Stay tuned for our blog post after the DOAG event where we will share details about this year’s conference and the latest news from Apps Associates GmbH.

Bill SaltysAuthor

October 30, 2018 - Licensing and Support for Oracle Applications on AWS

Bill Saltys

Moving Your Legacy Applications to Cloud

One of the most frequent questions that we are asked by customers is whether their Oracle license and support will remain valid when running on Amazon Web Services (“AWS”). The short answer is ‘yes’.

There is a growing number of our customers that have made the move in order to realize the benefits inherent with on demand, utility-based cloud as well as AWS maturity and breadth of services. For additional insight, listen to customer experience and resulting operational gains at Integer Holdings Corp (NYSE: ITGR) cited during excerpts of a recent session, “Migrating Oracle Applications to AWS Cloud”. Continue reading “Licensing and Support for Oracle Applications on AWS”

Dustin BrinesAuthor

September 7, 2018 - Recent Success Stories for our AWS Cloud Customers

Dustin Brines

Apps Associates continues to help many customers with application migration and management on the AWS cloud as part of their overall business transformation. A few recent customer stories are highlighted below:


Apps Associates helped EAB migrate Oracle Databases to AWS RDS and provided post migration DBA services. Continue reading “Recent Success Stories for our AWS Cloud Customers”

Bharath TeralaAuthor

August 17, 2018 - A Seamless Maintenance Solution: AWS Elastic File Store for Oracle Database Logs

Bharath Terala

One of our clients is a global financial software specialist that streamlines and automates financial accounting processes. We host and manage their Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based applications and leverage our AWS Engineers and Solution Architects to help build and manage the infrastructure as customer instances are on-boarded to AWS to support their ongoing operations. Continue reading “A Seamless Maintenance Solution: AWS Elastic File Store for Oracle Database Logs”

Srinath JambojuAuthor

August 16, 2018 - Features To Love About AWS EC2 Systems Manager

Srinath Jamboju

Amazon EC2 Systems Manager (SSM) is a collection of capabilities that can automate management tasks such as collecting system inventory, applying operating system patches, automating the creation of Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), and configuring operating systems and applications at scale. With SSM you can remotely and securely manage the configuration of managed instances.

In this blog post, I will share the features I love about AWS EC2 Systems Manager. Continue reading “Features To Love About AWS EC2 Systems Manager”

Ramam KallakuriAuthor

August 16, 2018 - Installing Oracle E-Business Suite RAC on VMware Cloud at AWS SDDC

Ramam Kallakuri

Everything depends on data today to make decisions to drive successful business results. Oracle Real Applications Clusters (RAC) can help achieve a high availability solution for data residing in a Database or server where downtime is unacceptable. However, an Oracle Database on a RAC configuration allows multiple Oracle instances to run on separate servers to access the same database in shared storage. Continue reading “Installing Oracle E-Business Suite RAC on VMware Cloud at AWS SDDC”