Myles GilsenanAuthor

July 6, 2017 - 5 Scenarios to Roadmap Your BI and Analytics to the Cloud

Myles Gilsenan

When it comes to moving BI and analytics to the cloud, there are many paths to reach the same goal. So, if you want the power of BI and analytics in the cloud, but think your environment is too complex, take a look as these scenarios. Continue reading “5 Scenarios to Roadmap Your BI and Analytics to the Cloud”

Sharlena ColesAuthor

June 14, 2017 - Organizational Trends and Their Impact on Oracle Fusion Performance Management

Sharlena Coles

Performance ManagmentOver the past 5 years, organizational trends in Performance Management have significantly impacted the way we solution Oracle Fusion Performance Management for our client organizations. Since more and more clients have become unhappy with the rigidness of their current Performance Management process and solutions, Apps Associates has been challenged to think “outside the box” during the discovery and design phases of a new or existing Oracle Fusion Performance Management implementation.    Continue reading “Organizational Trends and Their Impact on Oracle Fusion Performance Management”

Jaret BalterAuthor

May 22, 2017 - Four Must Have Tips for Successful Conference Room Pilots

Jaret Balter

Staff meeting-1Conference room pilot testing (CRP), can often be an overwhelming event for a client. In a typical project cycle there will be two or more CRP’s. The first CRP (CRP1) is used to demonstrate the proposed solution using generic data. The purpose in not to test data but to verify the validity of the solution. The implementation partner will drive the CRP1 session while discussing features, functionality, and the solution. CRP2 (and later CRPs) is designed to incorporate the client into the testing event. Client data will be set up in the system, tweaks coming out of CRP1 have been made and the client will get their hands on the keyboard and transacting. Continue reading “Four Must Have Tips for Successful Conference Room Pilots”

Tonya SchultzAuthor

April 24, 2017 - Keep the Silos on the Farm – Part II

Tonya Schultz

SilosWe last left one another considering sales enablement as a door to cooperation and collaboration which breaks the traditional corporate silo structure. What does this concept look like outside of sales enablement? Let’s dig into a function a bit less obvious to the sales enablement circle – Marketing. Continue reading “Keep the Silos on the Farm – Part II”

Ben PastroAuthor

March 27, 2017 - Delivering More Awesome Customer Experiences with Salesforce

Ben Pastro

Trust is important in any relationship. As a customer myself, I know what it feels like when I give my business to someone and they don’t come through as promised. Building a strong level of trust takes time and it doesn’t take much to lose it. That’s why I am so gratified, time after time, to see our customers show their trust in Apps Associates, when they return to us to continue their cloud transformation. Continue reading “Delivering More Awesome Customer Experiences with Salesforce”

Pavan TelluruAuthor

March 13, 2017 - 5 Ways Oracle EBS Customers can Save on Shipping Costs

Pavan Telluru

Want to optimize Oracle shipping execution and save costs? Here are five tips that are sure to help.

1. Shop Around Before You Ship

Save Shipping CostOrganizations need an efficient freight rating process. Comparing prices and service levels among multiple carriers such as UPS, Fedex, etc. is key when cutting costs. In order to achieve a competitive advantage in a challenging business environment, you need to select a partner who provides a sophisticated solution which has the flexibility and tight integration to meet the unique business requirements of Oracle EBS Customers and comes with different deployment options, whether it’s on-premises or in the Cloud. Continue reading “5 Ways Oracle EBS Customers can Save on Shipping Costs”