Tonya Schultz

Tonya Schultz is a Salesforce Engagement Director at Apps Associates. With 15 years of execution in sales operations and enablement, Tonya comes to Apps, narrowing her strategic focus upon Having honed her skills within three Fortune 500 companies, she brings enterprise-level collaboration, elevated strategy from years of experience in execution, and a keen ability to assist in navigation through challenges. Committed to her craft, she has recently been named President of the Atlanta Chapter of the Sales Enablement Society!
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April 24, 2017 - Keep the Silos on the Farm - Part II

We last left one another considering sales enablement as a door to cooperation and collaboration which breaks the traditional corporate silo structure. What does this concept look like outside of sales enablement? Let’s dig into a function a bit less obvious to the sales enablement circle – Marketing.

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March 6, 2017 - Keep the Silos on the Farm


The word can evoke images of grain towers or underground guided missile chambers.

But living in today’s high-tech world…

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