Justin Brill

Justin joined Apps Associates with five years of in-house Salesforce administrative experience within the Renewable Energy industry. He hails from Denver, Colorado (Go Broncos!) although he was born and raised in Sacramento, California. In his spare time, he enjoys volunteering, cooking, and all four-wheeled things fast and loud.
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December 22, 2016 - The Problem with Community Case Management and How to Solve It- Part II


In Part I of this post, we explored the benefits of a Salesforce Customer Community, as well as some of the challenges one may encounter in actual implementation. Specifically, we identified the challenge of account access facing external, customer users. If your organization utilizes the standard Salesforce Account Model with a hierarchy of accounts, your customer contacts may be listed on service cases for multiple accounts if they act as contacts to cases for more than one bill-to or ship-to site. This will become a larger issue once your customers begin creating their own support cases from your Customer Community. We saw last time that our customer, John Doe – who is a contact Acme Corporation in Waterbury, CT – is only able to create cases for his default account:

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November 23, 2016 - The Problem with Community Case Management and How to Solve It - Part I

A Salesforce Customer Community is a dynamic product which allows your employees, partners, and customers to connect, collaborate, and self-serve. Of course, no matter how elegant in appearance, a Salesforce Customer Community is, at its core, good-old-fashioned Salesforce functionality and data. Specifically, your Community hinges largely upon Chatter and Service Cloud functionality; the latter of which presents accessibility challenges to organizations who utilize the common Salesforce Account Model, which entails a hierarchy of accounts for single customer organizations. This article will explore this challenge as well as several ways to solve it.

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